5,700 to Attend DCAC Crimes Against Children Virtual Conference

The conference will feature 100 seminars tackling issues that are seen worldwide

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Monday, The Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center (DCAC) will host its 32nd annual Crimes Against Children Conference.

“For the first time virtual,” DCAC President and CEO Lynn Davis explained.

The conference will feature 100 seminars tackling issues that are seen worldwide.

“How to properly investigate child abuse cases. How to properly investigate human trafficking cases. How to prosecute the cases,” Davis said. “This year we already have 5,700 people signed up for the seminar.”

Attendees are from around the world and are looking for tools to help fight crimes against children.

“We have the FBI. We have Homeland Security. We have the Marshall’s Service but also have all the local police departments from around the country and statewide organizations,” Davis said.

The internationally recognized conference provides practical and interactive instruction to those fighting crimes against children and helping children heal. They will present this year’s conference digitally – the same medium predators are using to exploit children.

“Perpetrators out there are finding more and more and more ways of contacting these children, through their gaming units, through their telephones through any device that they have,” Davis said.

The keynote speaker is a North Texas police officer.

“He was abused as a child and now is an investigator with the Mesquite Police Department with the child abuse unit,” Davis said. “His story is a fantastic story of resiliency and how he’s pulled himself out of the depths of the horror that was his life as a child and has moved on.”

Parents in need of support can call the National Parent Helpline at 1-855-427-2736

Citizens can also report abuse and neglect at 1-800-252-5400.

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