Thousands of Homeowners Expected to Protest Property Appraisals

A housing boom in North Texas means your house may be worth more. In some cases, it could be worth a lot more.

That's good if you plan to sell.

But if you plan to stay, it means you're shelling out big bucks in property taxes.

In Dallas and Tarrant counties, property values are up this year by an average of 13 percent. They're up more than 12 percent in Denton and nine percent in Collin County.

John Cones bought his home in Frisco in December 2014. Since then his property value has increased by $150,000.

"It seems as though they are really taking advantage of the fact that, yes, property values are going up, but they're not going up 16 percent over a one-year period of time. That's just not happening," Cones said.

He plans to protest his appraisal with the Collin Central Appraisal District.

Will Wiggins, with North Texas Property Tax Services, said the Coneses' case is out of the norm.

He said homeowners across North Texas are feeling growth where it hurts.

"The entire residential market, single family market, is limited supply, limited inventory rather, and just a high demand. So yeah, they're going to feel the effects," Wiggins said.

The deadline to file a protest in May 31, and 46,000 homeowners are expected to protest their property appraisals in Collin County alone.

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