40,000 American Flags to Wave in Irving

Hundreds of volunteers to place flags on MacArthur Boulevard

Hundreds of volunteers across several North Texas cities will show off their patriotism for Independence Day.

The Great Flag Caper will place 40,000 U.S. flags along MacArthur Boulevard this weekend in the Irving-Grand Prairie area.

"People think about their differences, but under the American flag, we are all the same," organizer Nell Anne Hunt said.

She started the movement 19 years ago without even knowing it when she decided to wrap the perimeter of her house with hundreds of American flags. Her neighbors loved it and helped her buy more to decorate the neighborhood in the following years.

This year, 300 volunteers will spend Sunday planting the flags over a 10-mile stretch of MacArthur Boulevard during the annual Great Flag Caper.

Hunt said it's very important to her that the flags be made in America.

"I'm always having people come to me and say, 'Oh, I think I can find a cheaper flag for us to use.' And I say, 'Well, is it made in the United States?' And they said, 'No, it's made in China,' and I said, 'That's OK. We'll pay extra,'" Hunt said.

At 34 cents per flag, it still sounds like a good deal.

"But I consider them priceless," Hunt said.

The only thing she values more is the reaction of everyone who sees them.

"And they frequently tell us that this means so much to them because this is something they can do to honor their service," Hunt said.

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