$400 Million in Upgrades Coming to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

Major changes are coming to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. Along with terminal renovations already underway, travelers can soon expect $400 million worth of upgrades, including a new cell phone waiting lot and a better baggage-handling system in Terminal B.

The Terminal B baggage system overhaul is designed to reduce waiting times.

"I'm sitting here waiting for my bag, 45 minutes," said D/FW Airport traveler Sam Mitchell.

"I'm all for it, yes," added fellow traveler Jackie Jameson.

There's also a cell-phone waiting lot coming to relieve pick-up congestion outside the arrival terminals and to let folks wait near the entrance, instead, for a friend's plane to land.

There's better signage in the works, too, to make it easier to navigate the massive airport grounds.

"Everything's kind of spaced out and not easily accessible," said Patricia Cotton.

Travelers can also expect a TEXRail station, connecting to Fort Worth by train by fall 2018. Add to that new employee parking and airfield improvements to reduce taxi times on the runway.

It's all part of a decade-long infrastructure upgrade that could cost billions and boost travelers' first impression of North Texas.

"I would like it to be a whole lot cleaner, a whole lot more beautiful," said Syd Fagan. "I just want it to represent the place that I love, Dallas-Fort Worth."

The $400 million in upgrades will be paid for by the airlines. The airport will need to issue new debt to cover costs, but then that will be paid back through the airlines' terminal rent and landing fees.

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