40-50 Structures Damaged in Kennedale

Two injured, none serious in Kennedale

The city of Kennedale said Wednesday that 40 to 50 buildings sustained at least some damage during Tuesday's tornadoes.

At least five of the buildings that were damaged are in a business park on Tower Drive off of Business 287, according to Amethyst Cirmo, Kennedale's communications coordinator.

One of those businesses is M & M Door and Window.  The company's owner told NBC 5 that he and his employees huddled together in an interior room when they saw a funnel cloud forming.

The business's front, concrete wall was blown down, its roof was ripped off and debris from the building was scattered hundreds of feet away.  No one inside was hurt.

All told, only two injuries were reported in Kennedale.  Neither of them were serious, according to Cirmo.

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