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Five Injured in Shooting at Fort Worth Park Filled With 600 People, Police Say

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Five people are injured after a shooting Sunday evening as about 600 people were crowded into Village Creek Park in Fort Worth, according to police and MedStar.

It happened about 6:30 p.m., officials said. Village Creek Park is between Wilbarger Street and U.S. Highway 287 in southeast Fort Worth.

Two of the injuries were critical and the other three were non-life-threatening, Fort Worth police Ofc. Buddy Calzada said.

Calzada said witnesses reported about 30 gunshots followed some fireworks in the center of the park.

Video showed a chaotic scene of people running. As the sound of gunfire rang out, at least one police cruiser could be seen already there with its lights flashing.

As for why 600 people were in the park during social-distancing restrictions, Calzada said police have tried to break up large crowds.

"Ultimately people have a choice and that's just the choice they made tonight," Calzada said.

Officers received a report of another shooting about 30 minutes later at a convenience store on in the 4200 block of Miller Avenue, just blocks away from the park, police said.

“I was cooking to be honest, I was really cooking and we had some orders and we had customers inside the store and all we heard is shot guns outside, more than seven to 8 shots, and when we walk outside, one of my co-worker was cleaning the parking lot he got shot in the arm, that’s when we called the cops," said Mohammad Younis who works at the gas station.

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