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4 New Signs Installed at Dickies Arena, More Milestone Events This Week

A helicopter installed the hand-built signs at Dickie's Arena on Friday, but the sign installation is not the only major event for the arena this week

The Dickies signs that will light up the sides of Dickies Arena arrived today.

On Friday, Oct. 18, a helicopter installed the four hand-built signs, each of which is comprised of three-dimensional custom cabinets with programmable custom lighting and 2,258 LED modules.

Though the eye-catching entrance certainly captured people's attention, using a helicopter is both quicker and more cost efficient than alternative methods. The traditional method of crane installation can take days, while a helicopter can have the job finished in a few hours.

"Dickies Arena is a draw for Fort Worth and ensures it remains one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation," Craig Errington, vice president of marketing for Dickies, said. "We couldn't feel more pride about having the Dickies brand name on a state-of-the art venue that will provide entertainment in the community where our employees live and work."

The arrival of the new Dickies signage was not the only milestone for the Fort Worth arena this week.

On Wednesday, Oct. 16, Trail Drive Management Corp., the not-for-profit manager of Dickies Arena, teamed up with the Trimble Tech High School senior class to test one of the major systems at the venue: the restrooms. During the "Super Flush" event, students and TDMC employees flushed more than 440 toilets simultaneously to ensure proper plumbing functionality before the arena's grand opening.

After the "Super Flush," the Trimble Tech seniors assisted in a "super ride" of the arena's escalators.

Finally, on Saturday, Oct. 26, TDMC will host a ribbon cutting ceremony and community open house at 10 a.m. to formally welcome the Fort Worth community to the arena.

Concerts and performances will officially begin at Dickies Arena in November 2019.

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