North Texas

35 Denton Cancels 2017 Music Festival

Anywhere you go downtown Denton, you hear music. But you won't hear it downtown this year during what was supposed to be the 35 Denton festival.

According to a Facebook post on 35 Denton's page, the show will not go on.

"To our fan, followers, and bands who have inquired over the past months, 35 Denton will not be taking place in 2017," the 35 Denton Facebook page reads. "Stay posted for updates."

"I've played it a couple of times," said Will Huebner, at The Ghost Note, a drums and percussion store downtown Denton. "It's super good to, like, get experience doing that, and for that to be kind of dying out is not really fun to think about."

This isn't the first time the festival has been canceled. The 35 Denton festival was called off in 2014 as well.

The festival brings added foot traffic to downtown businesses, like West Oak Coffee Bar.

"It's really cool because it gets, it puts Denton on the front page, so to speak. It gets the word out," said Trevor Highfill, who manages the West Oak Coffee Bar. "But I feel like Denton pulls its own weight anyways. I want Denton to succeed."

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