32,437 Fans Witness Adrian Beltre’s Historic Hit

Adrian Beltre's historic 3,000th career hit was witnessed by 32,437 people on Sunday afternoon, according to Globe Life Park.

Some fans left shortly after Adrian Beltre’s historic hit in the 4th inning.

Many said they braved the hot temperature hoping to catch a glimpse of Beltre’s joining 30 other players who have achieved 3,000 career hits.

“Go Beltre,” several fans shouted as they made their way out of the stadium.

“My husband said we have to see this. This is history and it was awesome,” said one woman. “I wanted to cry for him.”

From life-long Rangers supporters to the youngest of fans, people left happy.

“I can’t wait until 10, 15, 20 years when I can grow up and I have kids and I can tell them all about it,” said a boy.

There was another first.

The 3,000 hit club now includes the first Dominican-born player.

“I teared up a little bit. I’ve been coming since Friday," said Letty Adame. “For being the 31st player to do it and him being Latino it talks highly about where baseball is going in the Latino community.”

Fans received a commemorative poster upon leaving. The front has several photos of Beltre and a place in the middle to attach the game ticket.

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