Missing 3-Year-Old Found Dead Wednesday Morning

The body of missing 3-year-old Alisandra Galvan was found early Wednesday morning after she was last seen playing in the back yard at her family's Argyle home.

Argyle police Captain Temple Cottle said the girl's body was found in the septic system of her home. Cottle said investigators suspected the girl was in the septic tank when they noticed the tank's cover was missing.

Cottle said once the tank was pumped out, the girl's body was found in the bottom of the tank, along with the tank's cover.

An autopsy Wednesday determined Ali drowned in the septic tank.

Police said Galvan, who goes by "Ali," was last seen at about 6 p.m. Tuesday.  Her grandmother said the girl's mother came out to tell her dinner was ready. Ali’s grandfather, Edward Burn, said she was outside playing with other relatives. Fifteen minutes later, the girl was gone.

At about 1:30 a.m. police found the child dead in the septic tank of the family's house.

“It touches you every time, I told one of my sergeants, "The next one, you always hope is the last one,’" Cottle said.

Shortly after she was reported missing, dozens of cars arrived at the family's home with people offering to help in the search.

“It could happen to anybody's kids and when you hear about a 3-year-old that goes missing, we all know about 3-year-olds, they have curiosity,” said Marc Stanford a volunteer.  

The number of volunteers swelled to hundreds as concerned people, some with search dogs, others with all-terrain vehicles, as well as a helicopter canvassed the neighborhood looking for Ali.  At one point a truck showed up on scene to drain one of the many ponds nearby.

Cottle said the girl's parents had recently moved from Plano into the home and hadn't noticed whether the cover to the septic tank was in place or missing.  He said an investigation into the incident continues and that they do not suspect foul play.

Her grandfather said he believes she died because the cap for the septic tank was too small for the hole.  

“She was a wonderful child, I mean she was certainly a handful at 3, but she was full of life and she was absolutely beautiful, with her zest for life,” Burn said.”

Funeral arrangements for Ali have not been finalized.

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