3-Year-Old Boy Rescued From Water Well

The Van Fire Department in Van Zandt County says a 3-year-old boy was rescued from a water well Saturday morning by his grandfather.

The Fire Department says the well had a concrete cover over the top, but it was brittle and crumbled when the child climbed on top of it.

The boys grandfather was nearby and jumped down into the well to save the boy.

By the time firefighters arrived, both were out of the well. They were checked out by paramedics, but appear to be just fine.

The Van Fire Department said while they are pleased this situation was resolved without injury. However, they want to remind anyone in this type of situation to not attempt self rescue. They recommend throwing a flotation device down the well until rescue crews can arrive.

The fire department also recommends that you cover any open water wells on your property, and re-check those covers often.

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