3 ways to make summer reading more exciting

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Are your kids telling you they are bored yet? Probably so... and for no real reason. But a Dallas, second grade teacher has three ways to keep kids engaged in reading all summer long to help prevent summer slide. That’s when students lose a good bit of what they learned the previous year, because they have spent the summer not really keeping up with those skills.

We talked to Tresa Reynolds, teacher at St. Phillips School and Community Center before school released for the summer.

“You really have to just have fun with it,” Reynolds said. “If there is no fun, reading is not going to be engaging. So, you have to create an experience outside of just seeing the letters on the page. You must really make it interactive with them. Especially the younger kids. Ask them questions about what they are reading.”

She suggests once that’s mastered, that parents help their kids take it a step further.

“Explore the topic. So, if you are reading a book about frogs, take that up a notch and go to a pond to see if you see some frogs out there. Even if there are no frogs, you can talk about the environment that you may have seen in the book,” Reynolds said.

If all else fails, she said, just turn off the lights. Seriously.

“Create an environment that is fun or cool. One thing I like to do in my class is give the kids a flashlight and turn off the lights. Its kind of a way to get them calm and get them focused on just the book. Nothing else in the room matters. They are just looking at the book,” Reynolds said.

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