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20 Shots Fired Into Arlington Bar, 3 Injured

Someone began indiscriminately shooting at an Arlington bar early Monday morning, injuring three people, police said.

Daryl McCullar, owner of McCullar's Irish Pub and Grill, said about 50 people were celebrating a Cowboys' victory at his bar in the 4800 block of Little Road when a man started causing trouble at about 1:30 a.m.

"He was creating problems the minute he walked in," McCullar said of the man who ordered one drink before being kicked out.

The man was being rude to the staff, arguing with customers and picking fights when a bouncer kicked him out, according to McCullar. When he was being kicked out, this customer promised to come back.

About 15 minutes later, police said at least 20 shots were fired into the bar from outside, shattering glass and injuring three people in their extremities. Outside the bar, five vehicles were riddled with bullet holes of two different calibers.

Police said two of the injured were shot in the arm and another in the leg.  None of the injuries reported were life threatening and police said that they're amazed no one was killed. Injured in the shooting were two men and a woman, one of whom was the bouncer. One of the victims was taken to John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth and the two others were taken to Medical Center of Arlington. 

On Monday afternoon police told NBC 5 one of those victims had been released from the hospital along with the bouncer who was injured in the incident.

"It's a relief that no one was killed. But it's still tough to think about innocent people being hurt by a crazy person," McCullar said. "These guys were just randomly shooting, obviously they weren't shooting for nothing.  They were trying to hurt somebody.  So very fortunate no one was killed."

Investigators said they don't know if the man who was kicked out of the bar is responsible for the shooting, but they want to question him and interviewed witnesses in hopes of learning his name.

McCullar said police told him there were two different caliber bullets used in the shooting and that  may indicate multiple shooters.

Meanwhile, detectives are reviewing surveillance videos from nearby cameras to try to identify the shooter's vehicle.

Police said the investigation into the drive-by shooting is ongoing.

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