North Texas

21 Day Challenge Inspires Next Generation Chefs

Students across North Texas are taking part in the Medical City Children’s Hospital Kids Teaching Kids 21 Day Challenge. It’s a chance to learn about healthy eating and nutrition.

Sometimes those lessons can last a lifetime.

"It definitely opened up a new opportunity," Hayden Hagmann said.

Hagmann took what he learned as a part of the program and has applied it to the rest of his life.

"Going through this initiative, it really shows me that you can go into the science side of food. You can go into business side of food and it just opened up a world of opportunity that I never thought was there before," he said.

When he was a student at The Colony High School, Hagmann took part in the program.

"It was just a wonderful opportunity to teach the younger generation what to eat and how to eat right," he said.

He now uses that passion and his skills in culinary school at El Centro College.

"When they are able to identify this interest early on, it basically just puts them head and shoulders above their peers as they pursue their professional careers," Steve DeShazo, the director of El Centro’s Food and Hospitality Institute said.

Hagmann now learns to cook for the masses after learning to cook with Kids.

"Younger kids are open to explore,” Hagmann explained. “We found out there is a shocking amount of elementary school kids, if it is colorful, if it smells fun - any small little quirk about it they're going to try it."

These are technique he can use in his career path as he inspires a new generation.

“To be able to create these recipes that are healthy, that are easy, that are fun for little kids to make,” Hagmann said. “To show them what you put into your body is just as important as what you do with your body with physical education."

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