2019 U.S. Christmas Tree for Capitol to Stop in Texas 5 Times En Route to D.C.

The tree will stop in El Paso, Georgetown, at two locations in San Antonio and Lufkin.

The Christmas tree that will bring holiday cheer to those who visit the U.S. Capitol is trekking its way across America with five stops planned in Texas.

The closest place to North Texas where the 60-foot blue spruce is Lufkin on Nov. 18 on Main Street.

The tree was cut Wednesday during a ceremony in a in a forested canyon in northern New Mexico, starting a 2 1/2-week journey.

The tree will stop in El Paso on Nov. 15, Georgetown on Nov. 17, at two locations in San Antonio on Nov. 16 and 17, and Lufkin on Nov. 18.

A sawyer used a chain saw to sever the trunk, which one of two cranes then jerked several feet up in the air. Then both cranes swung the tree over to a flatbed trailer at the Carson National Forest site.

The tree will tour New Mexico before leaving on a trip scheduled to conclude Nov. 24 at Joint Base Andrews outside Washington.

According to the project website, stops are scheduled in Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Tennessee and Virginia.

Every year since 1970, a national forest is selected to share a tree with the nation.

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