2 Well-Regarded Dallas Chiefs Heading to Other Police Agencies After New Boss Demoted Them

Two high-ranking Dallas police officials are heading to other North Texas agencies after being demoted two ranks last year in Chief U. Renee Hall's shake-up of the Dallas Police Department.

Hall, who arrived in Dallas from Detroit last summer, trimmed the leadership structure in November to include fewer assistant and deputy chiefs. The changes were expected — the structure that Hall inherited was often criticized as bloated and inefficient.

Assistant Chiefs Gary Tittle and John Lawton were demoted two levels to major and were assigned their own subdivisions in the West patrol division.

Tittle, who has been a Dallas officer for 30 years and was a finalist for Hall's job, plans to take up a captain job at the Richardson Police Department.

Lawton has worked for Dallas for 23 years and was assigned to the Northwest patrol division after his demotion. He will retire next month to join Dallas ISD's police department as an assistant chief.

You can read the full story from our media partners at The Dallas Morning News by clicking here.

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