2 TCU Staffers Forced to Fight to Resolve Feud: Police

Two Texas Christian University employees were forced to fight or quit Friday in an attempt by their boss to resolve an ongoing feud between the men, according to police.

Officers responded to an assault call Saturday morning in the 7600 block of Osbun Street and met one of the employees who described the incident, police said.

The man allegedly told officers he and his coworker had been arguing at the TCU Physical Plant in the 3500 block of Bellaire Drive as part of a months-long feud.

Police said the man reported the argument to his boss, who told him and his co-worker they could either get into his truck, leave campus and fight, or both quit.

Both men voluntarily got into their boss' truck, where he drove them to Trinity Park to fight, according to police. The man said his co-worker punched him in the face several times. Police said the man did not have any marks on his hands.

Police said the men got back into their boss' truck, went back to work and were then sent home. The man told police he then reported the incident to TCU staff.

The officer told the man that he and his co-worker would be listed as suspects for disorderly conduct fighting as they had engaged in mutual combat, according to police.

TCU officials have not yet responded to requests for comment.

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