6-Week-Old Boy Dies After Mom Falls Asleep With Him in Tub: Fort Worth Fire

A 6-week-old boy drowned after his mother fell asleep with him in the tub at a home in Fort Worth early Monday morning, fire officials said.

Firefighters responded to the scene about 5:50 a.m. in the 2400 block of Shalon Drive.

"A 6-week-old male twin was in the bath with mom when she fell asleep," police said in a statement. "When mom awoke the baby was under water and was unresponsive."

The baby, who has been identified as Samuel Symonds, was hospitalized at Cook Children's where he was pronounced deceased.

Child Protective Services has been notified and an officer is with the other baby, fire officials said.

No other information was available.

Clarification: Initially, Fort Worth fire officials said the baby was 2 months old. Then Fort Worth police officials said he was 6 months old. But Fort Worth police confirmed late Monday morning that he is 6 weeks old.

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