3 Hurt, Homes Damaged After EF-0 Tornadoes Hit Johnson County

National Weather Service confirms two weak tornadoes in Johnson County; a third EF-0 tornado hit southern Dallas County

The National Weather Service has confirmed two EF-0 tornadoes hit Johnson County early Tuesday, injuring three people and damaging several homes.

A third EF-0 tornado was confirmed in southern Dallas County, the NWS said.

Powerful storms brought 50-60 mph winds to the area at about 3:45 a.m., and the EF-0 tornadoes had estimated peak winds of 75-85 mph.

Two women were rescued from their damaged home on West Farm-to-Market Road 917 and were hospitalized after the storms hit between Godley and Joshua.

One of the two women was transported in serious to critical condition. A third person was hospitalized after a car crash involving a tree. Emergency management officials said the vehicle struck a tree that had fallen into the road during the storm. That person's condition is unknown.

Three people were hospitalized after a storm tore through Johnson County and left several homes damaged, officials said.

While doing a damage assessment Tuesday afternoon, the National Weather Service discussed the brief tornado touchdowns.

"Obviously we do wish there was a tornado warning in effect for that," said Mark Fox, of the National Weather Service. "Meteorologists are very good at going back and looking over the data, finding what we could do better the next time around. No question we'll do that this time as well."

Fox said the small tornado formed quickly.

"By the time you see it on radar, it's almost too late," Fox said.

NBC 5 Chief Meteorologist Rick Mitchell said these small, relatively weak tornadoes can sometimes form along the leading edge of a storm and leave damage in their trail.

Johnson County Emergency Management said Tuesday afternoon a small second area of damage was spotted near County Road 803 and Farm-to-Market Road 917 where trees were twisted and a roof was blown off a structure.

Neighbors on West FM 917 went outside after hearing strong gusts of wind and debris hitting the side of their home.

Neighbor Jennifer Chezem was one of the first to look for the women at the destroyed mobile home.

"We asked her where her mother was and she pointed to the direction of the back room of the house," Chezem said. "So we went to go to try to find her and we were able to locate her foot, and my husband was able to start digging debris off of her to get her out."

When fire crews arrived, they found the residents but had to get them out quickly and without harming them, Chief James Woolard said.

Both women were hospitalized. Friends of the family said the adult daughter was doing well. Her mother suffered a broken neck and had to undergo surgery at a Fort Worth hospital.

Video from Texas Sky Ranger showed several homes severely damaged or flipped upside down.

Texas Sky Ranger captured video of several homes damaged or destroyed in unincorporated Johnson County after thunderstorms brought powerful winds to the area early Tuesday morning.

"This is the most extensive damage we've seen," Woolard said.

No other injuries were reported in the area, Woolard said.

Woolard said neighbors of the victims were a huge help and are watching their animals while they are treated at the hospital.

Two people were rescued from storm debris and hospitalized after strong storms destroyed several homes in Johnson County, between Godley and Joshua.
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