165-Pound Therapy Dog Raises Money for Cancer Research

Science has proven that therapy dogs can help heal hospital patients by lowering their blood and stress levels, but a special therapy dog in Dallas is able to connect with patients on a different level and take on a big role in the fight against cancer.

Quinn, a 165-pound Leonberger, is a certified therapy dog who makes the rounds at Baylor University Medical Center.

"His job is to heal and he's very good at it," said owner Peggy Walker.

It could be because Quinn knows exactly how the patients feel.  

He's a two-year cancer survivor.  

He had to have part of his paw removed because of the cancer he experienced.

Walker, a 35-year cancer survivor, said their cancer stories help them relate better to patients.

"We are a team and working as a team with my dog is important to me and giving back is important to me, so this is a way to give back," she said.

They also raise funds for cancer research.

Over the past few years, Quinn has helped raise more than $25,000 in the hospital's annual Swim Across America event.

Proceeds from the swim will support early detection and innovative clinical trials at the Swim Across America Innovative Clinical Trials Center (ICTC) at Baylor Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center.

"The work that is done with humans maps over to dogs and the work that's done on dogs maps back over to humans, so all the research benefits in both directions," Walker said.

The next Swim Across Cancer event is September 30.

You can find more information on Quinn and the event here.

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