#SomethingGood: 13 Couples Celebrate 600 Years of Marriage Between Them With Vow Renewal

Mary and John Forrest have been married for 56 years.

"We were married in 1963," John said. "We both grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania about 15 minutes apart; however, we met each other in Mansfield, Ohio at a wedding."

After their initial meeting, he asked if he could take her out once they got back home. She was OK with that. As they say, the rest is history.

Mary was 24 years old, her soon-to-be husband was 25 years old when they finally tied the knot.

More than five decades later, they say their secret to success, is just one thing.

"We have one word and that is commitment," Mary said. "You have to make a commitment to each other and just hold to it. No matter what, through thick and through think, all kinds of problems, happy times and sad times yeah it is a real commitment."

The Forrest’s were one of 13 couples at the Town Village Crossing Independent Living in Arlington who renewed their commitment to each other on May 18. The couples were celebrating 627 years of marriage between them all. For Mr. and Mrs. Forrest, the joint vow renewal ceremony was a do-over of sorts. The first time around was bittersweet.

"His mom died of cancer two days before the wedding, so the funeral and the wedding were on the same day," said Mary Forrest.

Fifty-six years, ten different houses, two children and three grandchildren and they are still together, still in love and still committed. They credit much of their success to a higher power.

"On each one of our locations we made a commitment to follow the Lord God who shows us the way," John said.

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