12,500 Flags Line Trophy Club Streets

Residents unite to cover town in flags

Trophy Club is celebrating the Fourth of July in a colorful way.

Hundreds of volunteers planted more than 12,000 flags around the town.

"You dream big, and when you dream, big things happen, and that's what happened," Jeannette Tiffany said.

Tiffany made it her mission to mark the town in plenty of red, white and blue. Her vision for the patriotic undertaking came from a friend who lines the streets of Irving with flags.

"I've watched her do this, and it's been such a great event for her," she said. "I thought Trophy Club was the perfect place to plant flags around the town."

Two of her neighbors, Sally Freeman and Michelle Reed, helped her with the effort.

"It's hard to express the overwhelming swell in your heart that you get from an experience like that," Reed said.

The women said it's more than a love for their country. The donated flags united an entire community.

"I've seen -- just in the last few days -- more waves and smiles, and that's what a neighborhood is supposed to be about and a town is supposed to be about," Freeman said.

The flags will stay up until Thursday, when volunteers will take them down.

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