123-Foot Concrete Beam Blocks Road in Carrollton

Carrollton police said an off-route driver cut a turn too close and dropped a 123-foot-long concrete beam onto eastbound Hebron Parkway at Texas 121 Wednesday night. [[366787811, R]]

The beam, which was on its way to a bridge construction project on the Dallas North Tollway, weighs about 101,000 pounds, police said. It is so large, officials were having a hard time finding a crane big enough to move it.

Eastbound traffic on Hebron Parkway was re-routed to avoid the area. At 5:20 a.m., police said the road would remain closed through part of morning rush hour as they waited for a second crane to move the beam. [[366814901,C]]

There were no reports of injuries.

Police said the driver had an escort and trail vehicle as part of the convoy, and they were investigating why the vehicles still attempted to make the turn.

The Texas Department of Transportation said the trailer had an under-inflated tire, and the driver was cited for violating the conditions of the permit. He had a permit for a designated route and he didn't follow it, they said.

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