Local Child is an iPhone Entrepreneur

An iPhone is the measure of one North Texas girl's success


A 12-year-old north Texas girl has become an online entrepreneur overnight. Freddie Anne Hodges created her own app for the iPhone called "measure me" that she said started with a normal family activity.

"It was last year and I was starting to grow and getting taller than my grandmother and so I wanted to see how much taller I was getting than her," Hodges said.

Hodges and her dad tried using the traditional yardstick, but then she looked at her iPhone and came up with a better idea.

"I told my dad, 'Dad, this thing should be able to measure me,'” Hodges said.

Her father, Clark, agreed.

"When she said that it was almost like, 'Man, that's a good idea,'” he said.

So after about a week of discussion, they took the idea to an app designer. Three months later, they had "measure me." Here's how it works -- someone takes a picture of you in a doorway, and then you compare your height to the door height.

So far, the app has sold a couple hundred times as far away as Great Britain. Hodges said this is just the beginning; her father said he'll be there to help her out every step of the way.

"I wouldn't expect anything less from her because she's that...she's that with it, you know?" he said.

Right now, "Measure Me" is only available on the iPhone, but Hodges and her father are working on putting it on the Android operating system as well.

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