11-Year-Old Boy Saves Infant Sister From Fire

An 11-year-old McKinney student was honored Wednesday for saving the life of his 3-month-old sister.

The assembly at Finch Elementary school was not a pep rally or a warm up for the TAKS tests.

The mayor, City Council members and the firefighters who responded to the fire call attended the ceremony presenting 11-year-old Kenneth Accos with a citation for his efforts.

He was home alone with his sister, Erica, when he noticed smoke coming from the kitchen area and filling the home. Investigators say food and oil was left heating on the stove.

Kenneth turned off the stove, grabbed his little sister and waited outside for firefighters to arrive as the home alarms blared.

Erica has special needs and has had heart, lung and kidney transplants. She couldn't afford to inhale smoke.

Kenneth said he learned fire safety in school. It is taught as part of physical education in the McKinney Independent School District.

His home was not significantly damaged; the fire was contained to the pot on the stove. But Kenneth's actions are proof of the necessity for fire safety training in schools and the impact it can have on children, firefighters said.

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