101-Year-Old Lawyer: Retirement is Death

A Weatherford lawyer is celebrating his 101st birthday, along with being named "America's Outstanding Oldest Worker for 2009."

Jack Borden began his private practice in Weatherford after leaving the FBI, where he worked as a special agent.  He said he works about 40 hours a week, specializing in real estate and probate work.

"I believe that God has something for us to do, and he wants me to work to do some good," he told the Dallas Morning News. "If I quit, I'll die. I know people who retire and two years later, they're gone."

Borden said he started working at age 5 when his dad gave him a hoe and told him to weed a corn path.

"I've always worked. I get to talk to people, it keeps my thinking processes going, and I enjoy it," he said. "I made some sacrifices to get my education. Why waste any of that?"  

Borden earned his associate degree at Weatherford College before going on to graduate from the University of Texas Law School in 1936. 

Experience Works, a nonprofit that provides training and employment services for older workers, recognized Borden's dedication Wednesday at the small college where he began his studies.

"He is a wonderful example of how seniors who stay active, both mentally and physically, can continue to make valuable contributions to the workplace and to their communities," said Cynthia Metzler, president and CEO of Experience Works.

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