Quadruple Shooting, Police Search for Gunman

Authorities believe the gunman knew the victims

Dallas police are searching for the shooter who killed one man and wounded three others, just hours after a neighborhood Halloween party.

Investigators said Robert McGowans, 57, was gunned down at the Aspen Chase Apartments on the 11000-block of Ferguson Road at about 12:30 a.m. Thursday.

McGowans died in the breezeway of his apartment, running for his life.  The deadly shooting inside of his apartment sent three others to the hospital.

“It’s nonsense, it doesn’t need to be in my community.  This is where I live,” said neighbor Jeff Cassidy.

Cassidy is struggling to make sense of the violence that unfolded in his apartment complex.  Cassidy had just been hanging out with McGowans at the Aspen Chase Halloween Party Wednesday night.  He never imagined less than four hours later, McGowans would be shot and killed inside of the apartment he shares with his girlfriend.

“Robert was the type of person who would have given you his shirt or coat.  Robert would help you,” said Cassidy.

Police said McGowans, a woman, identified as Jerry Kinbrough, and two other men, identified as Ronald Williams and Kevin Summers, had been in the apartment, knew the shooter, and allowed him to come inside.  Gunfire erupted and all four were shot. 

McGowans only made it a few steps outside where he collapsed and died.  An ambulance rushed the three other victims to area hospitals.  Kinbrough is listed in fair condition. Summers is listed in serious conditoin and Williams' condition is not yet known.

“I could have been walking home from trick-or-treating with a daughter or friend.  It could have been me.  Very sad,” said Cassidy.  “It’s scary the world is coming to this, over something probably very stupid.”

Cassidy just wants to see the killer caught.  “Someone around here knows who did it.  The police need to find who did it.”

One of the victims claims it was a drug deal that turned deadly.  Police are still investigating.

Robert McGowans, murder victim, got out of prison in 2010 and was currently on parole for a robbery out of west texas in 1991 and was considered a violent offender by the state.

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