1-Day-Old Girl Left With Dallas Firefighters

A Dallas Fire-Rescue captain rescued a baby Wednesday -- without leaving the fire station.

Capt. Troy Carsten said a woman knocked on the front door of station No. 35 in the 3800 block of Walnut Hill Lane. The woman said she wanted to drop off a 1-day-old girl.

"We just said, 'That's fine, bring the baby in,'" Carsten said.

The woman, who was described as white and in her early 20s, was crying, Carsten said.

"She was visibly shaken -- seemed to be what I consider sad -- and very quiet," he said.

He said the baby had some sort of tag on her ankle, like she had just come from a hospital.

The mother handed the baby over with a diaper bag and left.

"I appreciate that she cared enough for the baby to leave it with us," Carsten said.

Texas' Baby Moses Law allows parents to leave babies at fire stations, provided the child is under two months old and visibly looks healthy.

A nonprofit group called Baby Moses Dallas estimates about 100 babies dropped off at fire stations each year in Texas.

The baby is in the hospital and is doing fine. Child Protective Services said she will be placed in foster care and then, hopefully, be adopted.

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