2 Arrested in Connection with ATM Theft: Dallas Police

Police credit alert neighbors for the arrest of two suspects early Wednesday in the latest Dallas ATM related crime.[[298308891,C]]

The 1:50 a.m. ATM robbery at the Green Spot store on Buckner Boulevard at Northcliff was the 29th ATM related crime in Dallas so far this year, Dallas Police Lieutenant Reuben Ramirez said.

“The citizens are fed up with it,” Ramirez said. “And they know a lot of these suspects, they’re looking to make a quick score. They have the potential to make a few thousand dollars but they’re causing $10,000 worth of damage. It doesn’t make sense.”

Ramirez said customers at a sports bar at the same corner saw a suspicious pickup truck circling the Green Spot store, then heard the vehicle smashing into the store to steal the automatic teller machine inside. The witnesses called 9-1-1 immediately and police spotted the pickup, which turned out to be stolen.

Arrested were Dandra Dewayne Davis, 25, and Francisco Perez Valero, 19.  A third suspect got away.

Ramirez said at total of seven suspects have now been arrested in this year’s Dallas ATM crime spree.  He said the rash of ATM related crime appears to be similar to one cracked by police two years ago.

“There are core groups who are responsible for training and influencing. I think there’s a connection between the people we arrest and those core members. Whether there’s someone who is responsible for multiple offenses recently, we’re still investigating that,” Ramirez said.

Dallas police are looking for the leaders behind a rash of ATM robberies.

Anil said it's a scary time for business owners with the large number of similar ATM thefts in Dallas this year.

"It's frustrating," he said. "It's disappointing, but I think it's just part of the business."

He said he is thankful that neighbors reported the crime at his business quickly to help make arrests but that recovering from the robbery will not be easy.

“It’s frustrating and it’s disappointing,” he said. “But it’s just part of the business. You have to be aware of that and get back. You stay positive and deal with things.”

Loyal customers at the popular store were shocked.

“I feel sorry for the owners and employees of this store,” customer Norbert Motte said. “You always expect it elsewhere and not in our little neighborhood so it makes it a little uncomfortable.”

NBC 5’s Jeff Smith and Todd L. Davis contributed to this story

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