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Suspicious Solicitor Hits Oak Cliff

Homeowners putting up signs on front doors to keep con men away



    A man posing as an home alarm repairman has Oak Cliff residents keeping their doors shut to any stranger who knocks.

    A neighborhood association email said a man posing as an ADT repairman tried to talk his way into one homeowner's house. He told the homeowner that his company taken over the company that operates her alarm system and asked to come inside and check her equipment.

    The couple let the man in, but the husband became suspicious and they asked him to leave.

    "It's a little nerve-wracking," said resident Tori Correll. "We just had ADT installed in May, so if someone claiming to be with ADT came by, I might think he was here for a check-up or follow up."

    Suspicious Solicitor Hits Oak Cliff

    [DFW] Suspicious Solicitor Hits Oak Cliff
    A man posing as an ADT home alarm repairman has neighbors in Oak Cliff keeping their doors shut virtually for any stranger who knocks.
    (Published Monday, Aug. 8, 2011)

    The North Oak Cliff United Police Patrol is aware of the situation and spoke about it at a recent neighborhood meeting.

    "Don't let anybody in the house," resident Roena Tandy said. "Be sure you know who you're talking with. Don't let anyone in who can't verify they're with ADT or any other security company."

    An ADT alarm specialist said workers are required to present their ADT badge, their Texas license to operate and their business card. The specialist said people can always call the company's 800-number to verify that the person works for ADT.

    Many alarm companies solicit business door-to-door, but the salespeople bring all the necessary identification materials.