Some People Give Up Alcohol For What’s Called Dry January

Dry January means no alcohol for a month

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Inside Eight 11 Place restaurant in Frisco, bartender and manager Mary Le has been busy this holiday season.

"I would say it starts probably around the beginning of November," Le said.

But for some people the ‘new year new me’ mantra means leaving alcohol behind.

It's called Dry January. Many people take the month off from alcohol after all the holiday celebrations.

"I think the new year is always a good time for a new start, a new beginning,” licensed professional counselor supervisor John Edmonson said.  He is director of wellness at Healing Springs Ranch, an addiction treatment facility in Tioga, Texas.

“Maybe Dry January is a way for you to have that new beginning," Edmonson said.

He says participating in Dry January can help you assess if you drink too much.

"It's a great time to stop and check and say maybe I need to take a step back from that,” Edmonson said. “Taking a month off really allows you that opportunity to really have a clear point."

He also points out health benefits.

"Studies have proven that if you take a month off from drinking it's really going to improve your health,” Edmonson said. “People begin to lose weight, they feel better, their mind is much more clear and throughout the year they tend to drink a little bit less."

Le says zero-proof cocktails or mocktails are growing in popularity.

"More of the restaurants will have, the menus actually have, a zero-proof section now," Le said.

Even though Le makes a living serving alcohol, she thinks some time off from it is okay.

"I think people go overboard sometimes, especially during the holidays when you go overboard with eating and all that other stuff," Le said. “So it's the same thing. You have to detox yourself at the beginning of the year."

During your Dry January you can find other ways to fill your extra time with other hobbies or exercise.

A recent YouGov Poll found 14 percent of adults planned to participate in Dry January.

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