PROPEL Stent To Clear Chronic Sinusitis

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Stuffy nose, headaches, coughing, facial and ear pain are just some of the symptoms of chronic sinusitis.

Allergy shots and medications may work for some, but for patients whose condition is resistant, surgery may be an option, but sometimes a revision surgery is also needed.

Now a newly FDA-approved tool is reducing the need for multiple surgeries and bringing patients much-needed relief.

Carol Temkin is all about music, family and her dog, Tucker but her chronic sinus issues made these moments tough to enjoy.

“I would just have these times where I couldn’t breathe. It was very hard to just live everyday life,” Temkin said.

Temkin tried allergy shots, over-the-counter medication, nasal sprays, and even antibiotics.

“So pretty much, I was doing everything that I could do to make it better, but it wasn’t getting better,” she said.

Ear, nose, and throat Dr. Ryan Vaughn believed surgery could be an option for Temkin. However, due to scarring, surgery may have to be repeated.

“The likelihood of needing surgery again can be as high as 50 to 60%, depending on the patient’s conditions,” said Ryan Vaughn, MD Founder, CEO, and Director, Exhale Sinus and Facial Pain Center.

But an innovative FDA-approved stent is reducing the need for revision surgery.

“The PROPEL stent is able to be placed after the sinus has been opened and what it does is actually sits inside the opening, putting pressure outward in a gentle fashion and also releasing an anti-inflammatory medication,” Vaughn said.

Preventing the sinus from scarring and meaning more surgery later on.

Temkin had surgery and had the PROPEL stent added in and is feeling much better now.

“As my husband says, ‘you’re not snoring.’ I can breathe through my nose, so it’s pretty amazing," she said.

The PROPEL stent stays inside the sinus for about 45 days and dissolves on its own. Dr. Vaughn says once sinus surgery is performed and the PROPEL stent is placed in, patients will start to see relief in a matter of days.

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