Parkland Memorial Hospital

Parkland's Red Bird Clinic Serves Dallas Communities With Low Life Expectancy

The community clinic will serve five Dallas-area ZIP codes identified with a low life expectancy of residents

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There's a new place for healthcare in a part of Dallas with a history of healthcare disparities.

Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas opened a new multi-specialty clinic at Red Bird Mall in Southern Dallas County.

Registered nurse Rhonda Green lives around the corner.

"I know there are health disparities and I’m glad it’s available to people in this community," said Green.

The Red Bird Health Center not only has primary care but physical rehabilitation, sonogram services for expecting moms, pediatrician appointments, and mammography for breast cancer screening.

It's in the heart of the five Dallas ZIP codes identified as those with the lowest life expectancy.

Ronald Session, operations manager, said the facility will have a large impact in battling high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol in nearby communities.

"Typically most people will only travel seven miles to see any type of service to seek healthcare. By bringing this services into this community, we are removing that seven-mile obstacles from patients," said Session.

Patients living in this part of Dallas county frequently go to Parkland's emergency department for basic primary care but will now have a better option that's closer to home.

The on-site pharmacy can fill up to 16,000 prescriptions a month, comparable to what goes through a major retail pharmacy.

Once fully staffed, the new health center is projected to provide 18,000 primary care visits as well as 23,000 women’s specialty health visits each year.

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