Mom Meets Woman Who Made Her Pregnancies Possible

Jennifer Dingle became a mother to two children thanks to the woman who donated her uterus as part of Baylor University Medical Center's Uterine Transplant Program

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This will be a special Mother's Day weekend for a group of women redefining the path to motherhood.

They're part of Baylor University Medical Center's uterine transplant program, in which women who are done having children can donate their uterus to another woman hoping to experience pregnancy.

On Saturday, May 7, all donors, recipients and babies that have been part of the program, which is the largest program in the world, will be gathering for a private event.

In attendance will be recipient Jennifer Dingle, who met her donor, Cassie Dunn, for the first time this week.

"Thank you for giving us the biggest gift that we could ever imagine," said Dingle to Dunn at their in-person visit Thursday.

Jennifer and her husband Jason waited more than four years to meet Dunn, whose identity was anonymous throughout the clinical trial.

Dunn, a mother of four, said she offered her life-growing organ to the uterine transplant program because she wanted to help other women experience pregnancy.

Dingle was born without a uterus and enrolled in the trial at its inception.

She originally shared her story with NBC 5 in December 2020 and in 2021, was part of the big announcement that the clinical trial had progressed to a successful program available to all eligible women.

The Dingles carried two successful pregnancies with the donated uterus and are now raising two daughters ages 2 and 4.

Meeting Dunn is the next chapter in her redefined journey to motherhood.

"I'm just happy to start this new friendship with you," Dingle told Dunn.

"I want to get to know the girls. I'm super excited about that. I mean, that's incredible!" said Dunn.

An estimated 1 in 500 women of reproductive age experience absolute uterine factor infertility, which means they can’t get pregnant because they don’t have a functional uterus.

Fourteen babies have been born through Baylor's uterine transplant program.

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