Mabank Native Stranded in China Due to Coronavirus and Stolen Passport

Ashley Jenkins says stolen passport makes it impossible to travel to U.S. Embassy

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A Kaufman County native is among stranded Americans trying to leave China.

Ashley Jenkins says her situation is a little more complicated than most.

“I’m stuck in China,” she said in a Facebook video. “I have quarantined myself for 17 days now.”

The Mabank native flew to an area near Nanjing, approximately 186 miles from Shanghai, to teach English to children in China.

But her trip has encountered a ripple effect of bad news almost immediately.

“I’m a really strong person but I’m starting to lose it,” she said.

Not only is Jenkins trying to dodge any chance of contracting the virus, she’s stranded and unable to seek help at a U.S. Embassy because she says her passport was stolen during an argument.

“There’s no public transportation without a passport,” said Jenkins. “I can’t take a train, even with a police report that says my passport was stolen. I still can’t get on a train to get to Hong Kong.”

She also says she is not proficient in Mandarin and has mainly encountered people yelling at her in a language she doesn’t understand.

“I have not received any help from the Embassy, from China,” she said. “I really, honest to God, I don’t know what to do anymore.”

Jenkins sent this message to her grandmother and family in the Mabank area:

“I love y’all so much and I miss you! And I… I can’t wait to get back home!”

NBC 5 reached out to Congressman Lance Gooden’s office.

A spokesman with his office said they will look into this matter in hopes of helping this Texan get back home.

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