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Lesson Plan: Preparing School Nurses During Pandemic

Dallas ISD school nurses have undergone hours of training in preparation for children returning to in-person learning

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As students head back to the classroom, there's a group of educators more essential now than ever before.

School nurses have undergone hours of training in preparation for COVID-19, as they are now directly on the frontlines.

Dallas ISD Director of Health Services Jennifer Finley said nurses went through hours of virtual training provided by Children's Health over the summer.

Some nurses, she said, chose not to return to work, but those who did have been empowered with knowledge.

"They're also aware that individuals could be asymptomatic. They received training as well, not just in contact tracing, but how to manage an asthmatic student during COVID," said Finley.

They're also empowered with tools, like more than $10 million in supplies, such as PPE, plexiglass and disposable gowns.

They have rapid flu and strep tests on-site and with the help of Children's Health, every campus has created an "isolation room" to keep potentially sick children separate from others.

"They really are trying to keep their school clinic available for kids that are sick. Those that are having symptoms, that are having a problem. They're really trying to keep kids out of the clinic who need minimal support like a bandaid or a tissue. Those children are typically staying in the classroom. The teachers are providing that care in the class," said Director of School Health Programs at Children's Health Karen Kaighen.

Administrators hope the safe guards are enough to, at the very least, protect students and staff if the virus makes it to the classroom as well.

Constant reminders about hand hygiene are sprinkled in the hallways and classrooms as school resumes with safety top of mind.

Children's Health also provided face mask fittings for teachers and staff.

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