FDA Accuses Jimmy John's of Serving Vegetables Linked to Salmonella and E. coli Outbreaks

The Food and Drug Administration has accused the sandwich chain of using vegetables that were linked to five outbreaks of salmonella and E. coli in the past seven years.

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The Food and Drug Administration has accused the Jimmy John's sandwich chain of serving vegetables linked to E. coli and salmonella outbreaks.

According to a report by KPRC in Houston, the FDA issued a warning letter to the sandwich chain, saying the vegetables were connected to five outbreaks of E. coli or salmonella in the past seven years.

The letter from the FDA asks Jimmy John's to respond within 15 days and explain what the sandwich chain is doing to address the issue, KPRC reports.

According to KPRC, Jimmy John's has removed sprouts from all of its locations until further notice.

The FDA also sent a warning letter to a supplier of Jimmy John's, KPRC reports. The FDA told KPRC that the supplier provided spouts to Jimmy John's that sickened 22 people with Shiga toxin-producing E. coli in Iowa in 2019.

Jimmy John's has more than 2,800 locations in 43 states.

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