Experts Look Into Correlation Between COVID-19 and Tinnitus

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Experts are looking into the correlation between contracting COVID-19 and patients suffering from tinnitus after recovering.

Tinnitus is when someone experiences constant ringing in their ears.

Texas Roadhouse founder Kent Taylor died by suicide last week after apparently suffering from severe tinnitus that resulted from a mild case of COVID-19.

About 15% of people who recover from coronavirus experience tinnitus.

Experts believe it's either an inflammatory response or a reaction to stress.

"We do know for people who experience tinnitus, many of them won't be bothered with their tinnitus at all and typically they're more bothered by it if they're under a lot of stress or if they're having issues with sleep. Maybe they're sleep deprived or fatigued or very anxious," said Dr. Angela Shoup with the Callier Center at the University of Texas at Dallas.

Doctors say white noise can help and if it doesn't go away, you should see a specialist.

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