East Texas Teenager Learns to Walk Again Months After Deadly Crash that Killed Mom and Aunt

Her family didn't know if she would survive, but she's beating the odds, and is back on her feet

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An East Texas girl is walking again, after she was critically injured in a crash that killed her mother and aunt.

Kaycee Ivey was back at Children’s Medical Center Dallas Friday, not as a patient, but as an inspiration who learned to walk again.

Powered by determination and cheers, Kaycee Ivey reached the end of her three month journey to recovery.

“I had a sign that said 'bustin’ out of here. I walked out of the hospital that day,” said 15 year old Kaycee.'

Amanda Ammons and therapy dog, Van, are part of Kaycee’s support team.

“Her family talked about her exceeding their expectations. Walking out of here was just such a powerful moment for her,” said Child Life Specialist Amanda Ammons.

The 15 year old survived the October crash that killed her mom and her aunt, who were driving back to Sulphur Springs after a football game in Forney.

Her cousin, Jacob, lost his mom in the wreck, and was also hurt.

“I remember waking up because the tires were swerving. I heard tires. I heard a big boom. That’s what shocked me because I knew something was wrong,” said Jacob Reed, Kaycee’s cousin.

She’s defying the odds, every step of the way, and sharing a personal message.

“If your mom’s alive, or your dad, don’t take them for granted, because you’ll really regret it,” said Ivey.

For the cousins, it’s a second chance at life.

“It really makes me happy that she’s home. All I wanted was for her to be out of the hospital and feel free.”

Kaycee told NBC 5 she wants to work at Children’s Health as a Child Life Specialist so she can help other kids the way she was helped.

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