Doctor Offers Tips on Navigating Mental Health Challenges During Pandemic

Dallas doctor says it's critical people recognize the mental health toll they're facing during the pandemic

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Dallas doctors say it's critical people recognize the mental health toll they're facing during the pandemic and take steps now.

Dr. Madhukar Trivedi is a professor in the Department of Psychiatry at UT Southwestern Medical Center.

He said he believes the mental health crisis will continue months, even years, after the pandemic.

The mental health toll of the pandemic could affect people of any age but there's one group most at risk.

"People who have problems with depression, anxiety, alcohol use, domestic violence, etc. They have seen a resurgence of their symptoms and their problems," Trivedi said.

He said being unable to physically be with friends, family or a working support system will contribute to the health crisis that will go on months, even years after the pandemic is over.

He suggested monitoring your intake of news and figuring out a way to have a balanced sleep and wake cycle.

He also recommended people check on the teenagers and senior citizens in their lives.

"Those people who were depending on their natural routine and their social connections through kids and grandkids. All of that has been taken away," Trivedi said.

He said to know that there is help.

Health insurance companies and health systems have made mental health resources, like counseling or therapy, more accesbile than ever.

"There are 800 call lines, websites that can give you access to figuring out things and if you have any health insurance, if you call, they'll tell you exactly where and how to connect so these virtual sessions are easily available now," Trivedi said.

Texas Health and Human Services lists resources here.

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