Call Me A Cancer Fairy

A Marathon Event to Raise Funds to Defeat Cancer

I am a Cancer Fairy.  You are probably wondering what I am talking about, and I’ll explain shortly.  First, some background.

Beginning this Friday, I will be taking part in a Susan B. Komen Foundation fund raiser to help raise money for research to find cures for breast cancer.  That has become a special cause for me in the past year.

Last December, my then 34-year-old daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Since then Jennifer has had a double mastectomy, undergone extensive chemotherapy and radiation treatments.  But she completed her treatments in July, and is now building up strength day by day.  And she will need it, because she and I have committed to participate in the 2008 Dallas-Fort Worth Breast Cancer 3-Day, a 60 mile walk to raise funds to defeat breast cancer. 

When she was at her lowest point last winter, recovering from surgeries, and undergoing the rigors of chemo, she had a special group of friends who supported her every day.  They would bring meals, run errands, and surprise her with small gifts to cheer her up.  When they would show up unexpectedly to brighten her day, Jennifer would exclaim, “It’s the Cancer Fairy”.  (Sort of like a tooth fairy, but even more appreciated).

All of those friends have joined Jennifer to sponsor a team which they named, naturally, The Cancer Fairies.  I asked if I could join them, and they enthusiastically welcomed me to the team.  So yes, I am now a Cancer Fairy, too.  The team consists of me and 18 wonderful young women with big hearts (and aching feet).  Sixty miles is a long way to walk!  We have to cover 20 miles a day, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  And we will camp out Friday night and Saturday night.  Our goal is to raise $45,000.  There’s already over $40,000 in the bank.  If you would like to help Jennifer, me, or one of the other women to reach our goal, I invite you to click on this link:

3-Day Information

The good news is that the weather looks great for walking, with clear skies, lows in the 40's and highs in the 70's.  I will try to bring a live report from the Opening Ceremony at Southfork Ranch, during our newscast early Friday morning.  Then we hit the road! 

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