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You’re So Vain: Survey

Dallas, Plano ranked on top 10 list of vain US cities



    You’re So Vain: Survey

    You're so vain, you probably think this article is about you. At least if you live in Dallas or Plano, according to Men’s Health.

    Plano came in second place, right behind Tampa, Fla., with Dallas trailing in fifth place.

    According to the survey, ranks were determined by examining the spending habits of residents for youth-defying products, including plastic surgery, Botox and tanning.

    Houston made seventh place, though in a city that hot and exposed to the sun, it's hard to imagine why anyone would pay to tan.

    The least vain city, according to the survey, is Des Moines, Iowa, coming in 100th place on the list.

    This article would be longer, but we've got to get to our hair appointment.