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Keep Your Vacation From Being Eaten by the Office



    Keep Your Vacation From Being Eaten by the Office
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    Do have trouble leaving your Blackberry behind when you're on vacation?

    Most people love taking summer vacations. But not workaholics -- they often dread being away from the office for extended periods of time. 

    There are no solid numbers, but the problem appears to be growing.

    "It seems to be epidemic these days," said Karen Brown, who is a therapist at the Dallas Counseling and Wellness Center.  

    The explosion of mobile devices that keep people connected to the workplace can also be a summer vacation spoiler.

    "People can't get away anymore," Brown said.

    She said she also thinks economic uncertainty is a factor.

    "I think there is a fear out there due to the recession," she said.

    Brown said there are clear signs that work is taking too much of your life.

    "You could have a work compulsion if there are problems with your family, with your relationships," she said.

    The group Workaholics Anonymous lists several other warning signs. Among them:

    • Do you take work with you to bed?
    • Do you get irritated when people ask you to stop working?
    • Have family and friends given up expecting you on time?

    Curing an addiction to work begins with a simple step.

    "Like anything, you have to decide it's a problem," said Brown.

    She also argues that a summer vacation will ultimately make you a better worker.

    "When you can clear the cobwebs and really chill out for a few days, you are a much better worker," Brown said.