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UNT Student Suspected of Having Tuberculosis

County health officials say case not related to other recent cases in Denton, Ellis counties



    UNT Student Suspected of Having Tuberculosis

    A University of North Texas student who lives off campus is undergoing treatment for suspected tuberculosis.

    Officials with the university are investigating the case with Denton County health officials.

    Health officials said the suspected case is not related to the confirmed and suspected cases at Ennis and Denton high schools.

    "The timing is interesting of the UNT student since there is an outbreak in Ennis, and we had a case here in Denton, too," Juan Rodriguez said. "So it's just a coincidence at this moment. Cases are routine in Denton County. We get cases all the time."

    Earlier this month, a Denton High School student was suspected of having tuberculosis after a skin test came back positive. Last year, the boy attended Ennis High School where more than 100 people have tested positive for TB.

    Denton High Schoolbegan testing students for TB on Tuesday.

    Tuberculosis is caused by a bacteria that is spread from person to person through the air. It typically attacks the lungs but can also affect other organs, such as the brain, kidneys or spine. It can be fatal if not treated.

    Symptoms include flu-like conditions including coughing, fever and weight loss.  Learn more about TB here.

    Not everyone who is infected with tuberculosis gets sick. People can be exposed to it but not have active tuberculosis.