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Tests Show No New TB Cases in Denton

No positive signs of TB found after tests



    Tests Show No New TB Cases in Denton

    Chest X-rays for tuberculosis performed on students and staff at Denton High School all show no sign of active TB, school officials said Thursday.

    That means there are no new cases of TB and no indication of an outbreak at the school.

    The tests were administered Oct. 11 to nearly 300 students and staff at the school.  From those tests, less than 5 percent showed positive reactors expected to be found with TB testing.  On average, 7 percent is found.

    Health officials added that several close contacts of the initial suspect TB case had negative skin test results. "A positive reaction to a TB skin test only shows that the individual has been exposed to TB at some point, but does not indicate whether or not the individual has TB," the county said Thursday.

    Those who do have a positive reaction are then given the chest X-ray.

    Additional information on TB can be found by visiting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at www.cdc.gov/TB.