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Same Outfits, Different Bodies



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    Courtesy of V Magazine

    V announced last week that its January issue would include plus-size models, and the first photos from it are on as part of an exclusive preview of what the magazine is calling its “size issue.” In the fashion story “One Size Fits All” shot by photographer Terry Richardson, models Jacquelyn Jablonski and Crystal Renn show off the exact same clothes in similar poses, with only their body sizes being different: Jablonski is a size 2-4 and Renn is a 12.

    Both women look great in the bright, playful outfits, supporting V editor-in-chief Stephen Gan’s statement: “Big, little, pint-size, plus-size—every body is beautiful.” Personally, I like this mixing of sizes in fashion stories rather than relegating plus-size models to certain shoots and “regular” size models to others. And it’s amazing to see how beautifully Renn’s curves fill out the clothes; it certainly would have helped my self-esteem when I was younger to have seen that hips and thighs aren’t liabilities. Visit to check out more photos from the story.

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