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Salmonella Found in Dallas Pork Rind Factory

Plant stopping production to clean for a week



    Salmonella Found in Dallas Pork Rind Factory

    A Dallas pork rinds producer is stopping production for a week after they found salmonella in the factory.

    Rudolph Foods said four positives for the bacteria were found on the floor in a "pre-cook" area and that no positives were found on any product contact surfaces or finished product.

    The company said they continuously check the plant for bacteria and customarily stop production for thorough cleanings and they anticipate resuming full production in one week.

    "This is a USDA inspected facility, and the onsite inspector has been informed throughout this process, and are supportive of the plant actions," the company told NBC 5 in an email. "We're confident there are no risks to any finished product.  We can be certain, because not only is there a validated kill step in the fryer process, but all of our seasoning goes through our Sensitive Ingredient Program."

    The company has been in the Dallas facility since 2003 and is capable of producing 15 million pounds of pork rinds per year.