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Quick-Acting Strangers Revive Heart Attack Victim

LA Fitness manager performs CPR; another person uses AED to save woman's life



    After collapsing from a heart attack during a racquet ball match at an Arlington fitness club, Nancy Miller met with the quick-acting strangers who saved her. (Published Tuesday, June 26, 2012)

    A fitness club manager helped save the life of an Arlington woman who had a heart attack during a racquetball match.

    Nancy Miller, a mother of six and teacher, collapsed at LA Fitness on June 15 while playing racquetball.

    "I had a sudden cardiac arrest and so my heart wasn't beating, and I wasn't breathing," she said.

    Miller said she doesn't remember collapsing.

    "We were playing our hearts out," she said. "I don't remember the incident."

    Jason Wofford, the club manager, said he realized her heart had stopped.

    "Jason did CPR. Someone else used the defibrillator. It was what I needed," Miller said. "I'd be dead -- I'd still be dead -- if they hadn't responded with the correct actions."

    Wofford credited his entire staff for what he described as a team effort. His staff is recertified in CPR and automated external defibrillator training every year.

    "I tell my staff, too -- I'm like, 'Pay attention to the training. Take it very seriously. Hopefully, we never have to use it, but there may be a time where we do, and instincts are going to take over. You're not going to be nervous; you're going to use the training and hopefully save someone's life,'" Wofford said.

    Miller said her near-death experience taught her to not waste your days.

    "Don't waste your opportunities," she said. "Care more about the people close to me."