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Popular Weight-Loss Show Attracts A Crowd

Hundreds try out, but only 30 will make cut



    Popular Weight-Loss Show Attracts A Crowd
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    Hundreds of North Texans are hoping Alison Sweeney, Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels can help them become the next Biggest Loser.

    Hundreds of people lined up in Dallas on Saturday morning in hopes of becoming the next Biggest Loser.

    Casting directors for the hit reality show are traveling across the United States in search of next season's contenders.

    Each person who walked through the door at Methodist Dallas Medical Center had their own reason for being there.

    For Nicole Fischer, it was love.

    Biggest Loser Auditions in Dallas

    [DFW] Biggest Loser Auditions in Dallas
    North Texans who want to drop the pounds turned out for the season 10 Biggest Loser auditions in Dallas.
    (Published Saturday, March 20, 2010)

    "I am single, and I’m done being single," she said. "I want some more self-confidence, and I have a great personality, and I want that to match the outside of me."

    Barry Bunch’s reason was family.

    "My health is just going downhill majorly, and this is the best way to try and turn it around, and I want to set an example for my kids, it's real important to me," he said.

    Unfortunately for Bunch and Fischer, hundreds of people had the same goal. More than 500 people showed up for the audition, but only 30 would make the cut.

    So to help the rest of the people who showed up to the event, organizers had a Plan B.

    "This is a serious show because it's one of those things where you really need to lose the weight, so why not have it here at Dallas Methodist Medical Center?" said casting director Jodi Thomas.

    Tammy Beaumont, is the director of Methodist Dallas Medical Center’s Weight Management Institute, said help is available.

    "The fact that we have the Weight Management Institute, we can reach out to everybody in our community in some way shape or form," she said.

    Beaumont is also a client. She said she needed help shedding 135 pounds six years ago. And now she's ready to pay that favor forward.

    It's exactly what many of the contestant hopefuls say they desperately need.

    "You need people's help, you need support even every once in awhile. You need an, 'Atta-Boy,' and that will help you go," Bunch said.

    Along with a more toned and fit body, the winner of The Biggest Loser receives $250,000. You can still try out for Season 10 by sending casting directors a tape.

    For more information, visit http://www.thebiggestlosercasting.com.