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Plano Lives Longer

Plano comes in at No. 12 on a list of the country's longest-living cities



    Plano Lives Longer
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    Plano ranks No. 12 on a list of the nation's top 20 longest living cities.

    If you want live a longer life, you might want to consider moving to the West Coast -- or to Plano.

    Plano ranks in the nation's top 20 longest-living cities, according to The Daily Beast.

    While six of the cities on the list are in California, only two in Texas make the grade: Plano at No. 12 and Austin at No. 16.

    According to the website, the average life expectancy for men in Plano in the last decade is 77.4 years. The average for women is 81 years.

    Austin comes in with expectancies of 76.6 years and 80.9 years for men and women, respectively.

    According to the list, San Jose, Calif., comes in first. The average male life expectancy in the last decade there is 79.2 years, and the female life expectancy is 82.9 years.

    The Daily Beast based its rankings on a review of lifespan data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The website looked at data over a decade and equally weighted the average male and female life expectancies.

    Why do you think Plano ranks so high?

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